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Latest news! Liza is expecting pups in June, 2006 - She was bred to American/Canadian Champion
BeGay's Double Fantasy!
I'm a writer, artist and, primarily, a dog lover with beautiful parti-colored cocker spaniels sharing my life. They are my inspiration and my joys.

Far left is "Gigi" Ch. Dazlin Animated Rhythm, the mother of our first litter of six beautiful, sweet, smart parti colored cocker spaniels  at Topaz Cockers.  She's a sweet, smart, and very athletic girl!  The "Daddy", is seen at left, our Ch. Ging's Hey Hot Rod...a smart, handsome and very athletic tri-colored boy. 

We have our  champion "Liza" Detor N Normandy's Some Girls Do who was shown nationwide including the American Spaniel Club Summer Nationals in San Antonio, TX where she was handled  by Tracy Lynn Carroll.  Prior to that, Liza won 5 Best of Opposite Sex Specialty Sweeps awards while being shown by Jessica Brickett DeSanto and is a sweet, very special girl!

Bon Bon, Ging's Choco-Coated Bon Bon,  the "Queen" of Topaz Cockers passed away on February 28, 2004.  She was 12-1/2 years old  and a Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog and we miss her every day..
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Ch. Dazlin Animated Rhythm "Gigi"
Ch. Ging's Hey Hot Rod
At left is "Liza" and Tracy Lynn Carroll winning big in
Houston, TX
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Ch. Topaz Thunder Road
Morgan and Gigi Puppies
Born June 25, 2002!!
Pups are growing so fast. The time has flown and now they are 6 months old!  Here are some "family photos" of days gone by from visits with their friends and their first "show" shots taken by Kendall DeSanto at 7 weeks.
The Boys:
The Girls:
Pups at 12-14 weeks old
Topaz Little Deuce Coupe  - "Deuce"
Loves everybody - kids, other dogs, never met a stranger. A real "belly rub" man. He knows sit, come, and kennel - will work for cookies...and LOVES the seesaw in agility ; -) Deuce is now living in Rhode Island with a great family who loves him very much!
Topaz Little Red Corvette - "Rory"
This girl is very much like her mother, "Gigi"...she is full of life and loves to run and play with her soft toys...she also loves the seesaw. Very smart and very, very sweet - she knows sit, come and kennel, too.  She's only weeks away from receiving her CGC title!
Topaz Surfin' Safari - "Gidget"
"Gidget" was the smallest of the litter when she was born but she has made up for all that! She's fast and fun and never stops wagging her tail.  Her specialty is waving while sitting for a cookie ;-) She knows sit, come, and kennel...and isn't sure if she likes the seesaw or not.  Loves to play ball and cuddle while watching television. A real sweetie. Gidget is living "down south" in Georgia getting ready for a show career
Topaz Thunder Road - "Huey"
Named for Hugh Grant or Hugh Jackman because he's such a handsome and fun-loving guy...Huey is a dreamboat. He's got so much attitude, ability, athleticism, and grace that we hope for a fine career as a showdog for him. And...he already loves playing "showdog" in the house ;-)  He's Futurity Nominated so watch for him at Spaniel Club in January
Topaz Hot Rod Lincoln - "Lincoln"
This young man reminds us so much of his beloved father in so many ways.  He's got a natural topline standing and moving, a pretty, pretty head, and graceful, flowing movement...along with one of the sweetest dispositions we've ever seen in a cocker.  Loves everyone and everything.   We look forward to an exciting show career in his future. (And, he's a huge fan of the seesaw and a natural at agility! ;-)

Lincoln is Futurity Nominated so watch for him at Spaniel Club in January!
Topaz Pink Cadillac - "Lightning Bug"
Miz Lightning Bug is a wonderful, wonderful girl with a winning smile just like her Dad (this photo doesn't do her justice at all ;-).  She loves everyone and everything and has a zest for life. She knows sit, come, and kennel and sits for cookie faster than anyone ;-) We're looking forward to a wonderful life for this little sweetie...she's only weeks away from receiving her CGC title...and then it's on to other competitions.
In Loving Memory
Champion Ging's Hey Hot Rod
October 27, 1995 - September 19, 2002
There aren't enough words or enough photos to truly tell how important and special "Morgan" was to us.  He introduced us to people we'll never forget, allowed us to travel to places we'd never have gone, and enabled us to learn so much about cockers and people and what life is really all about.  And...how special each life really is.  He was one very, very special and remarkable boy.  

Ging's Hey Hot Rod was a pup that was destined for special things from the start.

Here he is, at right, above,  with his famous grandfather "Ben", and his breeder, Billy Gorodner of Ging's Kennels. We called Ging's looking for a companion for our loving "BonBon".  When they offered us a Ben grandson we were thrilled. And, his show career was exactly that - thrilling.

Flavio Werneck showed "Benji" to his championship and even had him as his "special puppy" taking him on the  Florida circuit after he was finished.  He was a fabulous mover and Rich and I remember watching him and both saying "he just floats" as he went past in the ring. Here he is, at right, winning his championship points at the Boardwalk in Atlantic City, NJ with Flavio.
Above, right, is a photo taken at a party on July 4, 1996; he was 9 months old and just getting ready to go to the Summer National in a few days. He placed 4th in his 6-9 month-old class and was the only one of Flavio's dogs that year to even win a ribbon!
Morgan loved Gigi from the day she came to live with us.   He always loved his toys...but he would share them with her.  They used to play in the agility tunnel in the yard and we'd call it the tunnel of love.

Morgan also loved playing ball...and he especially enjoyed playing in summer when the pool was open and he could cool off by his "waterfall". Occasionally he would drop it into the water and pretend to go for it knowing that his Mom or Dad would eventually scoop it out.

He was the smartest dog I've ever known..and had the gentlest lips when you gave him a cookie.  He knew all kinds of tricks and was my most obedient boy.  We spent many, many years together training and enjoying one another's company. He was a wonderful companion and the space  he's left behind will never be filled.  Whenever I would cry while watching a movie...there he would be, to kiss away the tears on my cheek..he was so in tune with my emotions.

His time with us was much too short.

He was diagnosed with extreme neurological impairment from Lyme Disease. The disease had given him great pain and suffering with good days and bad ones.

We love you, Morgan...we miss you dearly...and we pray that you are running, jumping, playing lots of "ball-ee" and laughing...and watching down on us and your pups from Heaven. 
                       Love, always,
                              "Mommy  and Daddy"
"Ball-eeeee, Morgan! In my hand!!"
We love you and Miss you, always!

Ch.Topaz Thunder Road
We are so proud of this boy and so thrilled that he was handled and loved by the wonderful Tracy Lynn Carroll.  He had a fun Specials career.
It's more than we ever dreamed would happen with our first litter!
Huey is now living very happily with a great family - he sends us photos and letters all the time!
Any questions email Debi at TopazCkrs@aol.com

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